Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Tour of Christmas Lights

You're Cordially Invited 
to a 
Tour of Christmas Lights. 

Christmas is the most spectacular time of the year. When I was a child, it was a family tradition to drive around town and admire everyone's decorations. On those short, dark days of December, the dazzling lights seem to push back the darkness and create a cozy glow behind my eyes. I would kneel in the backseat, pressing my nose against the window, my breath fogging the glass, trying to memorize every detail. 

Here I am, an old bat, and I'm still captivated by holiday lights. 

Tomorrow on the blog: A Christmas Tour of Doors

Note: This Christmas, I am packing, and my house looks like a box factory. I'm hoping that the ranchburger's kitchen is finished soon, so I can get back to the fun side of blogging. 


  1. There is something magical about Christmas lights! 'Here I am, an old bat, and I'm still at it.' *snort*, you are NOT, thanks for the chuckle this morning though :) My dad would drive us around town too when we were growing up and it's a traditional that stuck with me. There's a house we go see every year, their spectacular light display caused a 'light fever' that spread through their neighborhood so it's a sight to behold. Fun to put on the Christmas music enjoy the show!

  2. How much beauty in the decoration of these houses. They look amazing with these lights.
    Have a happy christmas with your family!!!!!

  3. Wow, Michael Lee, those were some beautiful light displays. I'm still enthralled by Christmas lights and yes, we used to put our four kids in the car and tour the neighborhoods. Thanks for sharing some gorgeous pics with us.
    p.s. You definitely are not an "old bat"!

  4. Surely this is a site well worth seeing.

  5. loved seeing this, its been such a mad rush lately that i wish we could just relax and enjoy the lights too... at home we have a neighborhood called candy cane lane, small little suburb homes dressed to the nines with busloads brought in from 60 miles away. everyone turns off their car lights, 100s and 100s stroll the few streets, they even have donation stations for the power bills its such and extravaganza. my favorite every time is the river and waterfalls they create with the blue lights. we missed it this year, feeling a little sad about that now!

    i JUST finished decorating my tree, i can barely move, needed aspirin to hobble back and try to take in the view. i still need to add the finishing touches tomorrow in the daylight, latest i have ever gotten my tree up, all i could think about is doesn't this come down in a twinkle?! i can't wait for the decorating to be done so i can curl up in a clean well lighted house again ;-)

    hope you are having a wonderful holiday season, thanks for the eye candy~

  6. Lovely! I can't wait for the tour of doors. I love doors.

  7. Favorite childhood memory for me too! Lots of holiday lights in our neighborhood, but not at our house. We just enjoy all the lights around us. '-)
    Thanks for sharing, and I'm looking forward to more of this series.
    Happy Holidays to you and the Dr.

  8. What a great show, beautiful pictures. Nice to slow down for a moment and enjoy the decorations. Thank you for sharing! Carole @ From My Carolina Home

  9. Thank you for such a lovely visual. I never had a chance to make the rounds this year, these made up for my lack. Merry Christmas

  10. Just now seeing this just in time for Christmas in JULY!
    Lovely houses decorated with shine.
    Fun to see and gives me bright ideas for this coming Winter Holiday lighting.