Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Foodie Friday and Everything Else Link Party

 It's time for Foodie Friday--so glad you're here!
I knew you were coming, so I made a cake. Grab a plate and a fork.
Get ready to party.

One of my resolutions for 2015 was to try harder in the kitchen. Y'all know how much I love to garnish store bought cakes--not a thing wrong with that, mind you, 
unless it becomes the "new normal." 
It had.
For the first time in a while, I actually baked an apricot-lemon pound cake.

I'd planned to make my grandmother's orange cake, but my mother and I couldn't find the recipe. It turned out that apricots, rather than oranges, were involved. (And I was too scared to experiment--not on my first cake of 2015! Eeek!)

"I just misremembered," Mama said. But the cake was just as marvelous as we'd remembered.
And, it's super easy, just the thing for exhausted cooks.

I used a mix, but I have a good reason. 
For the recipe, click HERE.

I also made a centerpiece that was inspired by Downton Abbey.

We had a great party last week.
Here are a few highlights.
The most-viewed feature was Back Porch Musings' Beef and Noodles. Be sure to check out
Pat's gorgeous tabletop design. 

Another popular feature was Sweet Nothings' Date Nut Bread, adapted from a recipe by BJ's Aunt Lillian. Anything that BJ makes is out of this world good!

Calling all Downton Abbey fans.  Take a look at Penny Wise's Petite "Faux" Charlotte Russe, in a "Welcome Back, Downton Abbey" party. Just beautiful!

Discover more fantastic recipes, DIY projects, tablescapes and other goodies at last week's Foodie Friday and Everything Else.

 You are invited to share recipes, DIY projects, time saving tips, crafts, tablescapes, and everything else (including your link parties, give-aways, reviews, and/or sponsored posts).

Old posts are welcome. No limit.

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If you need more assistance with the party, an UPDATED guide to this linky party can be read HERE.

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The Foodie Friday and Everything Else Link Party

Happy Friday!


  1. Your cake is simply gorgeous and anything associated with Downtown is always a winner. Thanks for hosting and I hope you have a lovely weekend ML.

  2. Your cake and tea table are gorgeous!!

    Thanks to every one who dropped by the Back Porch for Beef and Noodles. This week I am serving PF Chang's.:-)

  3. That cake looks amazing! Thanks for hosting, and have a great weekend! :)

  4. Beautiful cake! Thanks for the party and have a wonderful weekend!

  5. You are killing me with that cake Michael Lee, it looks so incredible~thanks so much for being such a gracious hostess~

  6. Oooooh that cake looks amazing!! Thank you for the party :D Oh, I followed the Top Bloggers pinterest board, but can't seem to send you a message on there to ask to join

  7. Thank you for hosting! Love this beautiful cake!

  8. yummy features, thank you gracious hostess, and your photo's are outstanding! would love a large slice of cake, please

  9. Ooh I'm swooning over your rose embellished cake, Michael Lee! I want a slice of it right now, please. The features are all wonderful and thank you for the party.

  10. OOO, the cake is so are such an artist.
    I am over the moon thrilled to have you feature ANYthing that comes from Sweet Nothings. Thank you so much.
    And, thank you for being one of the most loyal h0sts in Blogland. :)

  11. Your apricot lemon pound cake looks delicious and beautiful! Love your centerpiece too! Thanks for hosting!
    - Nancy
    On The Home Front

  12. Thanks for the fun this week! I'd love a slice of your delicious cake with a serving of flowers ♥

  13. I love your Downton Abbey centerpiece! And, I love that chair - what little bit I can see of it!!

  14. Beautiful party. We would love it if you and your bloggy friends would join us for Funtastic Friday, our blog hop at It's live. Hope to see you there.

  15. Thanks for hosting the party. I am interested in joining Top Food Bloggers on Pinterest. I am already a follower. Is there another place you would like a message sent? Have a great day.

  16. Hello beautiful! I always love stopping by at your fabulous party. Please stop by our party. We would really appreciate it. Happy Friday! Lou Lou Girls

  17. Thanks for hosting us! I found some goodies to make for my family! Have a happy weekend, Linda @

  18. "I knew you were coming, so I made a cake" sweet of you, ML!! Too cute & I love the way you gussy them up. Always a treat for the eyes as well as the tummy.
    Thank you for hosting. Because I've wanted to join in, I've been baking more lately. The cold winter weather helps to inspire me, too. Nothing like a warm oven, full of delicious treats to ward off a chill.
    Stay warm yourself!


  19. I love what you do to store bought cakes...they always look so much more appealing when you add your special touches, ML.
    Thanks for hosting the party every week.

  20. Thank you so much for the linky! I love how you've decorated your cakes. Very pretty. Glad the cake was just as good as you remembered it!