Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ranch Reno Diary--March 14

Medana has faithfully sent photos of the ranch, and she said it was perfectly fine if I shared them with you all. The kitchen now has a beadboard ceiling, and I love it.

The master bath demo is in progress.  

I am trying to figure out where this bathroom is going, style wise. I thought I had it figured out, but my plans changed.

Meanwhile, in the master bedroom, the carpet was removed and wood floors will be installed.

You may have seen last week's update  on the guest bath.

The brown tile on the floor has been removed.

A black-and-white hex tile will be installed, with subway tile in the bath area.

It's been a challenge to find a mirror like the one below. I'd almost discarded the idea of using a black frame--or a white one. But it's hard to say if a brass finish will look as perfect when the bathroom is totally black and white. So I removed all the color!

 Finding the right size is a challenge, too. Many of you suggested that I opt for custom made--and that's a good idea. Because I'm still homebound after my fall, I have been looking online for ideas--shapes, finishes, styles. I went back to Restoration Hardware (online) and found a black mirror--it may be a little on the small side. I was mainly wondering how a narrow black frame would look in a black/white bath.

 I added French farmhouse sconces. Can't decide if I love this look or dislike it.
  The thin black mirror is pretty, and I like simple black sconces . . . but these sconces could be wrong or right. They are French, after all, they just don't look it. :-) My bigger concern is that, overall, the room could be too matchy, color-wise (not style wise). Then again, matchy can be wonderful with the right accessories, such as the rattan blind (it's been put away for safekeeping) and a colorful painting.
That's what's hard about choosing accessories. What looks wrong can be right and vice versa.

French Farmhouse or Little Bunny Foo-Foo French?
I just know that it's cute.

Actually, this mirror (below) is the right size. It's rather expensive--and I need a pair. I'm sure I can have them made,and Bandy can help me paint the frames. I have also found  similar mirrors online for 50% less.

A keen-eyed reader suggested that I look at a clean-lined antiqued brass mirror at RH, one that gave the look of the original (but long gone) mirror. I paired it with antiqued brass sconces. Very pretty look, and it tones down the vanity . . . but I almost think that black would be a better choice in this space. Almost! Because I love how the antiqued brass adds warmth and simplicity, and it would work with the existing faucets, which I want to keep). Certainly a black mirror would be safer. But the brass isn't a walk on the wild side, either. At some point, I'm going to do some price comparisons and look around in local shops. But I can add mirrors next year. When in doubt--wait.

I've looked at Amazon (don't have a photo, but I found two pretty black mirrors at a great price), Overstock, Wayfair, etc. 

I'm really loving brass (these would be so pretty with a brass mirror or in the dining room).
I love the sweet lines of this two-light sconce.

Two ideas that were eliminated.

I like the one above. 

                        Adore these black sconces, especially when paired with a black-and-gilt Chippendale mirror. However, the mirror is a tad too wide.

                   Bandy likes the black sconces paired with the RH mirror.

And just to muddle the issue, let's add cooler metals.

Well, at least I have a few options. :-) The first two (top row) don't work as well with the sconces. I like them with the black-and-gilt Chippendale or the solid black frames. I'm not ruling out cooler metals, either. In the last photo, the pink roses are a reminder that accessories really do make a difference.

I will try a few mirrors in this room and be sure to update.

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks so much for your ideas and comments.

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  1. I hear you! about the choices and the confusion it brings to one's mind.
    When we built a vacation house...not a cabin, or beach crash pad, but a house...I let budget make the decisions and I stuck to it. Because it was a second home, and could blow away with a hurricane, I made myself pick the best that would make the house lovely. I did quality on things that could not be changed, easily, and did OK with things like the appliances and light fixtures. Our plan was to retire in the house and upgrade at that time. Alas...plans changed, and we sold the house for much more than we had in it...then the housing market crashed at the beach. Whew...we got lucky, and sold just in the nick of time. Now, in our downsize, my plan is to replace items as I can find them and am motivated.

    While you do not have the luxury of having six months to decide on a tile or faucet...try to relax about it the best you can. You are trying to heal from your fall, and remodel a house at the same time....both stressful.
    By the way...I love your beadboard ceiling!!! I want it in my greatroom. I know that your choices will be outstanding as your taste is wonderful. And this too shall pass...and you will be showing us great pics of the finished product.

  2. I know what you mean about plans changing. Glad it had a happy ending! Yes, I'm in my flannels, taking it easy. Bandy is cooking and foraging. :-) I'm trying to rest this weekend because the kitchen cabinets are being set next week; Jimmy and Medana told me to take my time about the hardware and see what looks best with the cabs (white/Shaker). My GC is concentrating on the big picture--getting things finished so we can move soon. Little things can come later, and even a new window can come later. Renovating causes tunnel vision, and I keep trying to drag myself up, up,up to see an aerial view.

  3. I really like the black mirrors, but you have to make the decision. I think you are going in the right direction and I can hardly wait to see the final decor. I love the bead board ceiling it is beautiful and you are going to love it.
    So sorry that you are still under the weather, but those concussions can take a long time to heal as we get older. I thought that it would never go away and I still am bothered once in a while.
    Have a restful weekend and hopefully by next week Spring will arrive.

    1. Thanks, Mary. Zap, Murphy, and I are taking it easy.Yes, I am looking forward to spring. Hope my daffodils and lavender made it through winter.

  4. I like the black mirrors too but know you will make the right decision for YOU! It is your home after all! Hope you are feeling better each day.

  5. Oh my gosh. I get confused just looking at all your options, I don't know how you do it, being head injured :)

  6. Wow, things are moving along! I love the idea of the black frame, Michael Lee, especially the RH one that you showed first and with those cute black sconces. I can't wait to see it all when it's finished.
    I hope you're feeling better and that the ringing is gone in your ears. Hopefully Spring is starting to make an appearance in Tennessee. Have fun with all your choices!

  7. Another rainy day! Well, at least it makes for a good day to lay low and rest up. ;-)
    We finally have some sunshine here. Redbud trees are gorgeous and spring is in the air. I was away all day, but hope to work in the garden tomorrow.
    Love the beadboard ceiling. Your baths are going to be fab. I'm enjoying the process with you. So many decisions!
    We want to do a guest bath remodel here, but have yet to get an architect on board. Our home was built in the 30s, so rooms are small. I'm looking at your ranch and thinking, just look at all that space. '-)

  8. You can never go wrong with brass in my opinion. I never knew why it fell out of favor either. It didn't at my house. Hope you're continuing to rest and take it easy. I know it must not be easy with all that's going on.

  9. Love the black double sconces at the end there. The black is a nice pickup to the beautiful countertop and they felt right as soon as I saw them. Seems like the mirrors should be in a guilded gold to offer a contrast but to keep a classic stately look going. That vanity is gorgeous- it deserves a timeless look.

  10. Wow, so many fabulous options. I would have a really hard time choosing They all look wonderful.

  11. I am with Sam on this one. I much prefer the brass. And, it never went out of favor with me. I am not one to go with trends when it comes to my home. I just plain ole like what I like. lol

    Keep getting better.♥

  12. IMHO, I would go with the double sconce as you will have the best of both worlds in task and accent lighting. Also you will have the option of putting them on a dimmer switch (for ambience). As for the finish of both the mirror and lights; I too prefer the brass over the black.
    Loving the idea of the bead board ceiling in the kitchen. ☺ -Brenda-

  13. I love that you are painting the door black with gold hardware!....I like the combination of the black and gold...then again I love the very last option too....I tend to go with color in the accessories and have the more expensive items be a bit neutral...the beadboard ceiling is amazing!

  14. I love the bead board ceiling in the kitchen and wish I could add one.

  15. If you shy away from all the brass, consider going with the black RH mirror you referenced and maybe aged brass library sconces. The mirror will keep with your black and white theme and the brass sconces will add a pop of color and warmth. I think it would really make a bold, stylish statement.


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