Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ideas for a Covered Porch

The ranchburger has a narrow covered porch. Once upon a time, it looks like this.

It gradually took on a Motel 6 aura.

It just needs a little inspiration (and perspiration), I guess.

String lights in this loggia add pizzazz to an outdoor dining room. 

This space is way more formal than my Motel 6; but I like the idea of a bench and potted plants.

Vertical landscaping is another way to create a sheltering, private area.

A huge porch has been divided into two spaces--an outdoor kitchen at one end, living/dining area at the other. 

A narrow loggia serves as a passageway.

The rafters and doors were painted blue, mimicking the sky. A deeper shade grounds the upholstered chairs. A green dining set is fun and sassy.

A fireplace creates a gathering place and turns a porch into an outdoor room.

Rain or shine, a covered porch is a great place for an outdoor kitchen. 

Draperies, fine lighting, a fireplace, and a television turns an outdoor porch into a family room.

Another narrow covered space that lives big.

Landscaping is another element to consider. Fast-growing vines can knit together in a season or two, and they can be trained into gentle arches. 

I always try to cram too much into a space. I like how this porch isn't overwhelmed with furniture. Chairs and planters are just right and make a narrow spot seem larger.

Ceiling fans, rattan, and blue-trimmed doors create a peaceful, shady place to read or nap.

This Baton Rouge porch oozes Southern charm. Small cafe tables are scattered beyond the confines of the porch, making it seem larger.

I love outdoor spaces that actually incorporate outdoor elements into the design. Why build a roof when you can plant vines and train them over a pergola?

Columns add glamour to a wood-covered pergola.  Neutral furnishings allow the view to take center stage.
Traditional Patio by San Anselmo Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Blasen Landscape Architecture

Dappled light peeks though another charming vine-covered pergola. 

Covered Porch Ideas
* Incorporate vines and potted plants 
*Sturdy teak furniture 
*Divide the space into zones--cooking, eating, sitting
*Don't clutter narrow spaces
*Formal furnishings create a formal mood
*Neutral fabrics won't compete with a view
*Color is pleasing to the eye and lifts the spirit
*Add furniture beyond the porch's boundaries
* A fireplace adds cozy charm and extends the outdoor season (early spring till fall).
*String lights

Can you think of more ideas? I'd love to hear them.

The Scoop,  


  1. You've got such potential there! I always try to cram too much stuff into a space too. But I like cozy little spots. I wish I had an overhead covering for some of my patio space.

  2. I think my favorite look is the mediterranean porch - it looks like a natural extension of the inside.

  3. I see lots of potential here, and your list of ideas is excellent. Our outdoor spaces are not covered, and I've always like covered porches. I know your space will be spectacular.

  4. Wow- some great inspirations photos! My mind started spinning right away with ideas!

  5. You have featured some beautiful spaces with lots of different styles for inspiration. Isn't it nice to have such a great to work with?

  6. All the photos you shared are so inviting, Michael Lee. I'd be happy to lounge at any of those beautiful spaces. Your covered porch will be wonderful and I can just picture you there enjoying the beauty.

  7. Oh my, I'm in porch heaven! Your features are truly breathtaking!

  8. I love a great porch...especially those with fireplaces and beautiful greenery...

  9. oh my...number 15 (next to the lemon picture) reminds my of the loggia I left at my old Georgian. You can see I still miss it. now I have a long skinny porch that I need to dress for a 65th wedding anniversary in august...for my parents. I sure need ideas! Great post. Sheila

  10. I know you will cozy it up. I think it needs something to soften the masonry. Our covered porch is the best part of this house. 2 years ago I had the rails in the sitting area removed and a curved extension added. Makes so much more sitting room under the fan. Are your ceilings high enough for a few fans? They are wonderful.
    I started working on the wicker. Got an ugly relative to my rocker. It has transformed! I did the best I could on the repair, but I may redo it in the Fall if I find a better product to use. Still didn't buy a sprayer, so many people say they are a pain to clean. Of course, I could just use it till it breaks like you did, lol! I am 4 cans in on the Krylon already!

  11. You know, you've pulled some beautiful inspiration photos and they're all worth contemplating, but for some reason, I'm drawn to the simpler ones. I think it's because it seems more "the nature" of the space to keep it simpler.

  12. I have always, always wanted a covered porch since living at my Grandmothers growing up and LOVING her porch. It was not to be though, sadly. My fix right now is a retractable awning on our TINY deck. I wish I could do tables out there too. All of your examples are gorgeous!!

  13. Beautiful inspirations! Out of curiosity Michael, does the porch over look a courtyard type space and if so do you have any plans for it? IF the answer to both is 'yes' then IMHO I feel if you treat both spaces as one; then the decorating/accessorizing of the porch will all automatically fall into place (just like adding the large windows in your kitchen for the beautiful panoramic view of the country side did). WISHING YOU A BEAUTIFUL DAY! -Brenda-

    1. The rear elevation is U-shaped. It faces a pool area. The loggia/covered porch is about 7' feet tall, no room for fans or a lantern (though string lights will work--if placed strategically). Wishing you a beautiful day, too!

  14. My two favorites are the 4th one up and the 6th one up.

    I know what you mean about always cramming too much stuff into a space, because I do it too.


  15. You see Motel 6 and I see French Quarter potential. I guess it's the ironwork that reminds me of the quarter. Agreed there's going to be some work to do, but you've got a starting point with that gallery. Does the roof cover over and if not could it be extended?

  16. You've inspired me to earmark the next bit of "extra cash" to spruce up my covered porch that is next to the kitchen. As it is, my husband feels free to stash yard tools and other ugliness there because it's not a 'real' living space.

  17. I have always wanted a loggia. I love all of your inspirations. I would love it if you would share this fabulous post at our WIW Linky Party. Hope you can join us!


  18. Thank your shairing in your "Traditional Patio by San Anselmo Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Blasen Landscape Architecture".

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  20. I thought the Mediterranean patio is to die for - I love it! It reminded me of the nice Italian villa we stayed one summer, good times.