Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ranch Rehab: Sconces

Last winter, while planning the master bathroom reno, I became smitten with Flemish sconces. The simple, classic lines would work with the existing elements, which included traditional oil rubbed brass faucets, brown-beige toned granite counters, beadboard, and a marble subway tiled shower. Best of all, the sconces would work with my darling bird-and-twig mirrors.

Months passed. But I didn't forget about the sconces. Now and then, I would take one out of the box and place it next to the bird-and-twig mirror. The frame was much darker in person, and the sconces were very gold. But I had plenty of time to decide what to do.
This week, electricians were scheduled to hang the sconces, a hard deadline that I didn't want to miss. I worked up my nerve to glaze the sconces, knocking off a bit of the gilt, so they'd blend a bit more with the bath's other elements.

After the second coating, I remembered that my bird mirrors were much darker.

 The mirrors are actually ORB, with gilt accents. [BTW, both mirrors arrived damaged--one was shattered, and the other had a broken tail. The company shipped a new mirror--I have had bad luck with mirrors recently, so I opted to keep the mirror with the broken tail. Bandy fixed it.]

 Time to get down and dirty with the glaze. I haven't faux painted in years. Argh.

It was A Very Scary Transformation.

Bandy and I took everything to the house and set the items where they needed to be. We brought light bulbs, too. I'm not taking Zap out in the heat (and he hates staying by himself), so a little while ago, Medana sent a few photos of the sconces.
I love the quiet design and gentle curves.
Below, a freestanding tub will go in front of the window--haven't seen it in person, as I found it online at a price I couldn't pass up  (we also bought a darling, inexpensive farm sink for the laundry room).

We haven't unpacked the 2nd bird mirror--fingers crossed that it's intact. The bird-and-twig frame blends pretty good with the sconces. 

This vanity only had one existing sconce (I didn't notice for a whole year--me, the symmetry nut).

It's been a challenge to find sconces for the guest bath. The space is tricky--the existing electrical outlets aren't aligned with the vanity; the fixture couldn't be wide, either. I decided to put up inexpensive (and temporary) sconces. The candle sleeves are a golden-yellow, and they didn't take kindly to my attempts to paint them cream. Note: this fixture didn't come with a shade. We found 2 chandy shades in the garage, but they're too big.

When the mirror is hung, the edge will probably bump against the base of each sconce. A taller fixture may look best. Black wooden "spool" type sconces would work, if the shades didn't encroach upon the mirror.

Sweet bird sconces would make me smile. A black shade would give a nod to the black mirrors, doors, and vanity top.

The glossy black, spindle sconces had been bought for the guest bath, but they were way too big. 
They worked perfectly in the hall, though. 

For now, I'm taking a break from sconces and decorating.
I'm going to go eat ice cream.
Stay cool!

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  1. Love how your darkened your sconces! They look so lovely! I'm so enjoying seeing all of the process on your ranch burger! :) Will you put cheese on it? :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Well done with your gorgeous fauz painting work. Oh this is sooooo coming along, I am on pins and needles for you - happy happy happy!!!

    That soaker tub will be so perfect in that spot.

    Is there a target move-in date yet or are you way not ready yet?

    You see, once you move in I may have to come visit in person. : - )

    1. I was curious about the same thing.

      The sconces look great :)


    2. We've had a few delays and Unexpected Events. I'm just hoping we're in the house by Christmas. Not making headway with packing, though. I threw out my elbow, and I'm too chicken to get it injected.

  3. Well, they're real pretty. But I'm wore out with all these decisions. And I'm not even making them! I could never have a big place again. I don't like all the little piddly decisions. Eat ice cream. Hell, have an ice cream sundae for good measure!

    1. Today, I asked my GC to pick out a sconce for DH's W.C. I just can't take Zap out in this heat.

  4. I did the faux bronzing to an existing chandy for my dining room and it was one of those experiences that you're sure you've ruined it before it starts looking like it just might be fabulous. scary for sure. yours look amazing, great job!

  5. Great job on the matching.....I think they look great together! and I'm chuckling because your hands look exactly like mine do when doing any type of painting. Much more on me than the object I'm actually working on!

    I have to tell you that every time I am reading your posts, I see that beautiful hunk of prime rib off on your sidebar and it kills me.........each time I say to myself....."Go buy a prime rib roast tomorrow and eat it all by myself"!!!!!

    1. Thank you. I was so relieved when the glaze washed off. :-) As for food, I have been living on ice cream. LOL

  6. Your faux finish looks professional! I love the wonderful light in your bath.You desire a good long soak in a Mercedes Benz of a tub with a glass of wine when your renovation is complete :)

  7. You did an excellent job on the glazing as IMHO it certainly toned down the gold tone of the sconces beautifully. -Brenda-

    1. Michael, for touch up repair on the bird's tail, if you feel it is noticeable you might want to try some Rub 'n Buff on it. It is a fantastic product. It can be easily applied plus colours can be blended. (For a shiny effect you just rub a bit longer whereas for a matte appearance you don't.) -Brenda-

  8. What a terrific job you have done on the scones....they are going to look fantastic with the mirror...I am sure you are waiting for the day to have a great soak in the tub when you are moved in and settled!

  9. The new finish on the sconces look wonderful! I love that nook for the tub- it's going to be great! I have a friend with that bird accented mirror. Hers came in broken too so it's not just you!