Sunday, October 25, 2015

An Ideabook for the Man Cave

I'm a little under the weather today, so I'm diverting my attention from an icky clear liquid diet and focusing on the man cave's blue sofa and chairs. The easiest way to unite the cream walls, beige draperies, and the blue upholstered pieces is to add pillows and a throw.

Below, a patterned rug anchors the conversation grouping in this London living room. Raspberry-colored pillows completely transform the sofa. Blue is repeated around the room judiciously with blue and white porcelain.

Summery pinks and yellows breathe life into this quietly elegant living room.

Muted solids and geometrics are another option for throw pillows.

I love navy, though I've never used it in my vividly colored spaces. When I saw this room (below), I realized that a color commitment could be temporary if I used accessories (like a rug and pillows). Of course, our man cave won't look this crisp and pretty because I'm working with blue foundation pieces. But I think it could work.
Beach Style Living Room by Chicago Interior Designers & Decorators Tom Stringer Design Partners

In the man cave, I'm starting with cream and beige. Two elements came with the house: the bar and pool table. The bar section feels English (maybe because a previous owner brought it over from the UK). The pool table is traditional, with a French flair.

We might buy upholstered barstools one day, but for now, our old, X-back chairs will be pulled into service. 

When I looked at pictures of the previous owner's decor, I realized that the pool table has navy felt. Maybe this is a sign to have a brief fling with navy. 
(A little off topic, but from this angle, you can see how two traffic pathways run on either side of the furniture groupings.)

Yep, got my work cut out for me.

My sofa is pale blue; the armchairs are covered in a muted blue and cream fabric. A vivid throw pillow would shake things up in a wonderful way.

I'm also considering a muted blue and navy color scheme, with interesting patterns.  And I'll look for a brightly colored accent pillow.

Fingers crossed that the sofa and chairs will be moved this week, then I can start playing with pillows. Have a great day.


  1. Whatever you chose will be fabulous I am sure. Can't wait to follow the process.

  2. I love the idea of blue and green together. Naturally I'm partial to shades of blue, soothing to the soul. I'm looking forward to see what you choose, I know it's going to be beautiful. fondly ~lynne~

    1. You're right--they are so soothing--and a home should be a refuge.

  3. This can be a way to create the look you want. I like the look shown by Atlanta Interior Designers and Decorators from Traditional Home and from Palo Alto- Williams Sonoma.

    1. Those were my favorites, too, along with the London rooms.

  4. Oh, how exciting! I love blue and green and what a room to go to town in! What ever you decide, it'll be gorgeous! Now, not only are you an excellent writer, excellent cook, excellent decorator but you're one beautiful lady - inside and out! I love your new header and the new snaps of you! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Traditional Lomdon design speaks to me...but the colors in the beach design speak to me too. Let your house speak to will. Ha. Step by step. And try not to stress out! Ha. Have you considered having a painter spray paint your X back chairs...if you do not like the finish. I have seen them in black....and Matt gold. Sheila

  6. I love all your inspiration rooms~ what is the actual size of your room, it looks like it goes on forever! I like the idea of the neutrals and swapping things seasonally to keep things fresh and interesting~ Love the deep blues with the creams and white

  7. Sounds to me like you have found what you need to make this space work for you. I love the injection of navy with the other blues - and the beige and cream. That designer who visited you missed a major opportunity to help you. I am sure her vision would be wonderful but it sure wouldn't be you. Have fun with this space - and get better!

  8. Take this with a grain of salt.....for I am a crazy decorator who LOVES color!! I change throw pillows like I change the sheets. I buy very inexpensive pillows and often. EX: pier one, world market...even Target has cute ones sometimes. My last faves came from Tuesday Morning from their sale table!!! I get so many different looks and when I get just a tad bit tired of that color or style.....I go buy different ones!! Cuz really?? when you only spend 20 bucks or so per pillow, you don't feel guilty at all switching them out. And so far I've never really seen poor quality in what I've played with. In design class, they always taught us that if you find a rug, with lots of color that you like, you can use that as your base to pull all the rest of your colors in your room.
    And I really like the way the previous owners blocked off that room with different areas....Good Luck! make it fun!!!

  9. Such a great space to work with!
    You have a great sense of style so I am sure it will all work out -- and pulling photos and images from magazines and online sources is THE nest way to find your way through the maze of options! Try to enjoy the process. :D

  10. Knowing you, there are numerous selections in your pillow closet! Love, love the room! Great bones to work with and you will have fun arranging things. If you run into trouble, we can email me for another internet decorating session - always fun!
    Feel better,

  11. I'm looking forward to seeing how your man-cave turns out. Doing a man-cave for my husband is one of our future projects, so I'm always on the lookout for ideas and inspiration.