Monday, October 26, 2015

How to Make a Comfortscape

It's the end of October, one of those damp, chilly days in the mountains. I'm ready for flannel, fuzzy slippers, hot tea, and comfort food. As autumn deepens, a comfort-scape is always welcome.

A comfort-scape is a cousin to a tablescape, but it appeals to the emotions, engages the senses, and contains edible elements. The idea is to build a little microcosm that makes you feel warm and cozy.

Elements of a Comfort-Scape

Scented candles send ripples of light over your table and perfume the air. Within minutes
you're enveloped in a rosy cocoon. 

Gather your favorite gardening books and turn your thoughts to springtime. 
Make a list of plants you want to add to next year's garden: cone flowers, hydrangeas, bee balm, roses, lilacs.

Change your world view.
  A sunny,  heart-shaped attitude is contagious.

Herbs infuse the air with fresh fragrance and hope.

 Green tea has anti-oxidant properties and is a natural appetite suppressant. But any comforting beverage will work, such as coffee, hot chocolate, espresso.

Whimsical (or much-loved) objects create instant comfort.
I am a third generation frog collector. 
Shop your house for objects that make you feel cozy.

White is symbolic of fresh starts and bright summer days.

Tartan blankets
Brightly colored napkins


  1. A comfortscape is a great idea for this time of year. I can only imagine what a collection of plant frogs you have. Did you ever show us?

  2. Perfect timing! I am sitting here eating some fruit out of my new Fall bowl adorned with leaves and acorns and sipping hot cider from the matching mug! I already have my cozy socks on and a very soft sweat shirt. I haven't lit a candle but will do that now I feel better already!!!!

  3. Count me in! Our weekend was grey and rainy and comfort was what it was all about here. I snuggled under a cozy plaid throw, hot tea in one hand and book in the other. OK, so there were a few bits of candy corn consumed too, but you did say comfort.
    Your little froggy is adorable. I'm echoing Debbie. Have you shown us your collection of frogs? Please, pretty please!
    Enjoy the crisp fall weather. It is a perfect one here in Texas. Rain has moved out, sun is shinning, and the air is crisp and cool.

  4. I lve the idea of a comfortscape any time of the year, Michael Lee. Cozy, comfortable,surroundings are what life is all about for me. Your frog is adorable!

  5. I can see a comfortscape blog hop/challenge in our future! I need a diet maybe green tea will be on the list.
    Love your comfortscape. Sheila

    1. A challenge is a great idea! Let's talk about it.

    2. Sounds good! I already have a red plaid throw and a basket in mind. you know my email. :-) sheila

  6. A comfortscape is a great term. I had my first hot chocolate yesterday. It's cool and I have a sinus thing so I'm laying low. Comfort foods and being cozy sounds great!

  7. Lovely idea - just the thought comforts already ! Just want to add - I LOVE your blog...everything you post and photograph is so interesting and enjoyable... The remodeling updates, your decorating successes and dilemmas, Foodie Friday - just everything ! Hope you know how much we all enjoy it...

    1. Patricia, your kind words lift my heart. Thank you!

  8. Fantastic concept and pics to go along with it!

  9. Oh, what a lovely comfortscape. Never heard of one before but now I need one! ;) Look at your new header and the colors! You're on a roll!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Michael,

    My spirit is fed after viewing this post. Just delightful!


  11. Love this idea Michael Lee, especially the books and the scented candle~ I think I'd have to have my comfortscape on the couch though :)

  12. Okay, this is just the best post EVER! I think we need some sort of "Comfort" link party. I felt my blood pressure lowering with each picture. Lovely, Michael!

  13. This sounds absolutely divine and I must put one together soon.

  14. it looks so fun to have a cozy moment, we are having our first rain as I type, thunder and hail, including emergency broadcasts on the tv warning of flash floods and mudslides in the fire areas, but for now, lets just say I am enjoying a cup of tea and catching up with my own comforting moments!