Sunday, November 8, 2015

Baby Steps in a Big Room

Well, I finally started tinkering with the gigantic man cave. I worked fast because we were on our way to see Spectre, the new James Bond movie. I just had time to shift the furniture and add a few pillows--and to try a striped Dhurrie rug.

First, a quick recap. You may recall that we started with a mishmash of furnishings. The English bar and French pool table were already there, along with the neutral draperies. Instead of buying a new sofa (or sofas), we opted to use the old, contemporary blue sofa and English arm chairs--well, for now, anyway, until the room tells us what, if anything, it needs.

Here is how the room looked last week.

I wondered how navy accents would look with the blue sofa and neutral draperies, so I bought a few things online.

Next, I shopped my old house for a few things. We didn't have room in the Jeep for accent tables, chairs, or lamps. And I had to choose quickly. The marsh painting came from the old foyer, but I thought it may work in the great room. I quickly packed the new stuff: a striped throw and a few pillows. The existing sisal was too small, but I liked the texture and tone. The new navy and white rug is a bit small and too white, but I haven't given up on it yet. It was such a bargain -- and so cute. 
What do you think about the rug?

Here's the room from a different perspective. I tried to keep traffic paths open, so guests can move easily through the many "zones" in this room--fireside, TV, pool table, bar. The chandeliers mark the exact center of each zone, which created a challenge for the TV area. Bit by by, I'll bring a few chairs and tables.
I haven't even begun to think about the giant, boxy thing on the right side of the room (it's headspace for the basement stairs).

Here we are with the blue rug (off to the side).

And without the blue rug.

Above, the upper left doors lead to a screened porch, and I'm betting that the striped rug will be a fun addition. (Note to self: rent a truck and bring the old wicker.)

In the picture below, you can see the depth of the man cave. It's also called the "bowling alley," with its unbroken space, 8 foot walls, and a complicated ceiling. The broad expanse of floor has a major impact on furniture and rugs. A 9 x 12 rug can shrink in a flash.

Once again, I see why the previous owner's designers chose to divide the room with area rugs and activity zones.

I could have tinkered for an hour, but James Bond was waiting.

Making notes on which pieces to move, as long as they aren't too heavy and can fit into the Jeep.

Elsewhere in the Burger . . . 

Baby steps can take a while, and they don't eliminate missteps. 
But they will move you along.

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  1. I am just so jealous of this awesome space!! My kids could go crazy playing in there:-) You have so many options and I know everything you do will be fabulous:-) Love those pillows too!

  2. Fun to see what you are doing as you go.
    Have you ever considered placing the sofa at and angle with the two chairs angled as well?
    Looking forward to seeing this room morphed into what you want.
    There's hot coffee on over at my place. Come by for a break.

  3. I love all the blues that you are incorporating Michael. Yes, the room is BIG, but you are doing an awesome job of making cozy it! Hope you are feeling better ;-)

  4. Wow that space is HUGE and it looks like it will be a great room to hang out in. I enjoy seeing your ideas as you add things to the space. I love the blue and white rug and have a similar one in my office. I think you are right though, the white might be too bright with everything else you have in there. But then again, it all depends on what else you choose. So much fun watching it all come together. I know you will make it even more beautiful!

  5. I am really enjoying your process. Right now I am loving everything except the striped rug. I am just not feeling it in this room. And I am sure that you will prove me wrong! Just like playing in a real life doll house. Isn't it wonderful to have digital pictures to use to get the total picture?

    1. I agree about the rug--thanks for voting!

    2. I agree about the rug--thanks for voting!

  6. Little by little it's going to come together. Looks like you will need larger rugs! I think that picture looks like it will work well- good colors etc. The pillows were a great choice!

  7. Good Morning! This room is a dream ... I prefer the arrangement without striped rug. Can't wait to see the final result!

  8. This is a wonderful space-it's looking gorgeous already! We had a similar "boxy thing" in our previous house. My husband turned it into a bookcase by building it up to the ceiling, adding shelves and trimming out the bottom "box" into a faux cabinet. It added space for books, etc. and looked like it had always been there. I'm looking forward to seeing this room finished!

  9. Fabulous space. I am in agreement with several others. The blue rug should go and the other rug is not big enough.
    I think the artwork is beautiful and will look great. It is big enough to hold its own in the room. I think that is what you need to consider for every piece in the room. Is it big enough for this space. Just like a giant piece of furniture would overwhelm a small room an undersized pieces will be lost and lonely looking in a large space.

  10. The blue and white striped rug is the first thing my eyes see. It's quite dominant! If you have enough other furniture, you might consider your round RH table and chairs in there, in the middle, to break up the squares and rectangles and to create different spaces within the room. It would be nice and warm looking for piles of books, puzzles, card playing, noshes, whatever. Just a thought. I bet it feels really good to be so close to moving in.
    What a long, challenging, beautiful journey you've taken us on! Thank you!

  11. I love this space! I am also in agreement about the striped rug.

  12. Love the painting in the room. It seems to tie all your shades of cream and blues together. You may want to try the rug in front of the fireplace?

  13. Stunning, things are looking absolutely stunning!

  14. Wow the room will hold so many guests, and I love that it can be divided into groupings. I'm sorry Michael Lee, although I love the rug, I don't love it there. Maybe you can find another spot for it?? The pillows,however, look fabulous!

  15. Hi, what a huge room. When the stripes in the rug are placed that way---they emphasize the length of the room. Something with a defined border would work better---or turn the rug the other way. Either way it is very white. You could run a beige white stripe (dye or paint) down each of the white to make it blend better. Another eye trick would be to use large dark colored rug in the center of the room to further define that central space, that would anchor the furnishings also. Right now they seem to be floating in such a large space. Good luck, that room will be gorgeous, eventually. Sanid

  16. That is hands-down the most stunning man cave EVER! I mean, I would actually feel good hanging out there. Amazing style, keeping it masculine but classy. I love it! Cheryl @

  17. Oh my it is too fabulous to be a man cave! It is all coming along beautifully! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!