Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ideas for a Rustic Garden Room

I'm doing a little weekend brainstorming about the garden room-to-be.

It began as a carport, but it's being reworked into a screened porch. The planked wall (far right) will be painted, as will the beams and concrete floor.

I'll attempt to create a chalkboard out of this mirror (below) and hang it horizontally.

I'll be inspired by beautiful, functional garden spaces. 

We can't add overhead lighting very easily, but. . . 

. . . string lights and wall outlets are on the "to do" list. I like the idea of a rustic table and wicker chairs, too.

I've got a sweet, little farm table.

I also have a gateleg table that my parents found at an estate sale.

A place to tinker with plants would add a helpful touch.

Don't you love the zinc watering cans?

I like the wood, but our porch will be open to the elements.

White will allow me to have fun with color. The downside is, white will show dirt.

The other day, I found an old wooden ladder in the new-old barn, and my GC made me promise I wouldn't try to climb it. I gave my word. It's a great, little place for vertical storage. Love the idea of hanging herbs from the rafters.
Rustic Porch by Charlestown Architects & Building Designers Giambastiani Design

Idea: shop my house for clay pots, baskets, a watering can.

What's your favorite paint color (or combinations) for outdoor projects? Can you recommend a durable brand or type of paint for screened porches?

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  1. Well, those getaways are wonderful. I wish I could have one too but alas that is not to be. I like the gray color.

  2. I like to use red and blue outdoors. But then I like to use red and blue indoors too!

  3. I love the look of nature outdoors. Greens, golds they just look like grass and sunshine to me.

    1. That's such a pretty image--"grass and sunshine."

  4. L lean towards black and white and pretty deep blues.

    1. And even though I love red, blue, and earth tones, I love your idea of black/white, too. I love cedar shake with blues, also.

  5. Greens and blues are my favorites, inside and out!

  6. They all so incredibly stunning! I want it all =) It´s like living in a magical garden, even though you are inside your house: love it!

  7. A place to putter about, wonderful! An idea for you maybe...we had a room that we wanted a ceiling light installed in and wiring it was a problem. We installed beams and ran the wiring through the hollow beams. It worked perfectly. Sheila

  8. I need one of those screened rooms. I would think white walls would be perfect. Not only can you see the dirt, but you can see all the spider webs...and paint would be easier to clean! But, I would decorate my screen room with blue and easy to coordinate with flowers! ;)

  9. You've found some wonderful ideas....I like where you are going with this!

  10. However you design it, make sure that you have ample storage room. Estimate how much you'll need, and then double, or even triple, that estimate.