Wednesday, November 4, 2015

True Country

We are driving down a long dirt road, rocks pinging against the fender, dust rising from the tires. This road leads to slow-living and gentle ways, and each mile takes us back in time to a simpler era.

Ringed by mountains, the compound is just ahead. This is Big Sky Country, Montana, where nature is an ever-changing canvas. Wind ripples through the hay meadow. Clouds shift and collide. A storm has passed, leaving behind a saturated blue glaze. At the bend in the road, we see the compound. It was built to capitalize on the majestic views,  fitting organically and aesthetically into its surroundings. If you want to leave the world behind, you've come to the right place.

Rustic and simple, a true country heart beats within these walls. Consisting of three houses, the compound easily sleeps twelve. The main house has two bedrooms, a living/diving area, baths, and a greenhouse off the kitchen. Two guest cottages sit in the distance.
It's the perfect place for our imaginary retreat.

This place is humble to its roots, with a tin roof and unmowed fields.

Sun moves across the house like spilled honey.
Suddenly I lose track of time. Is it still 2015? I smell wood smoke, sour river water, and wet stones.
We're so far away from civilization. It's a good thing we stopped for groceries, right? Hey, is your cell phone working? Mine isn't, either. Won't it be a novelty to spend the weekend in a place that doesn't have Internet service or HBO?
For all I know, it's 1915 or even 1815.
And I'm loving it.

On the porch, we're greeted by flowers in a galvanized bucket.

Off in the distance, a storm is building over the Crazy Mountains. See those gray streaks in the sky? That's where it's raining. 
Rustic Porch by Bozeman Architects & Building Designers Miller Architects LTD

As we walk inside, our boots scuff over stained concrete floors. We're warmed by a roaring fire. And someone even lit the candles. I'm loving this place so much, I don't want to leave. I put down my overnight bag, and it feels as if I'm letting go of a heaviness that has been in my chest of late. But now, I feel so light, I just want to dance.

You just know this kitchen has an iron skillet or two. While I put away the groceries, you explore the greenhouse.  

The Master bedroom has plenty of sunlight and storage--and those amazing views.

Dusk is gathering. This is the best tie to observe nature. Here in Montana, you'll see deer,  pheasants, wild ducks, antelope. Tomorrow we'll go fly-fishing. 

Now, this evening, we'll just let the world turn blue.
And we'll just breathe.


    I am stunned at how much I liked this place. WIsh I was there. Will have to show my husband this Montana wonder.
    What an awesome place to be.

  2. One of my very favorite spots to visit. In fact I grew up in a little town not far from the Idaho side of the Tetons
    The people, views, and fresh Mountain will refresh any weary soul.
    Beautiful and thank you for the inspiration.

  3. Oh, how lovely! I could stay there for sure a night or two. I've never been to Montana! Hope you're feeling better.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Wow! Your photos are stunning! The houses are awesome. Makes me wanna stay in there too!

  5. Heavy sigh of contentment, thanks for all the wonderful memories....

  6. Wow I love this place!!

  7. One of the trips on my Bucket List is a trip to Montana so we can slow down, hike, read and fish. This is absolutely beautiful!! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  8. I live in Montana and can testify to it's beauty! We are called 'The Big Sky State' for a reason. The Paradise Valley is a majestic place and anyone who has a cabin there is beyond blessed.

  9. Wow.!!!
    Very nice article with fabulous pictures.
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us..

  10. Wow! What a divine place to unwind in! I absolutely love the house that you stayed in--it looks like it had the perfect blend of rustic and comfort.

  11. This looks like a perfect retreat. Montana is such an amazing part of the US. As a child, my family took summer vacations to Colorado and Montana almost every summer. Fond memories! Look up the The Big EZ Lodge in Big Sky. It's owned by an Austin couple.

  12. I've never been to Montana, so thanks for taking us on this virtual retreat! I think a bunch of us ladies should rent the place and have a little getaway. ;-)

  13. I was in Montana this past summer. First time. Big Sky country?? I compared it to a corner in heaven where God took out all his paintbrushes and mixed all of his paints in perfect combos. Then He was in such a good mood that He
    composed the most perfect piece of art and decided He would just put it in a place called Montana......and all the people would come and ooooh and aaaaah over his creation. And we did!!!

  14. Sign me up...I'm ready to go to that pretty spot in Montana! I loved the last picture of the blue hour...sigh!

  15. Oh my gosh. I don't want to visit here, I want to LIVE here. My husband's father has 20 acres in rural Kentucky, and it looks so similar to where this cabin is located. I've always dreamed of building a little house on top of the hill on his dad's property. Some day :-)

  16. I don't know what's more beautiful, the stunning scenery or your written words! Great post! ...hope you're feeling much better and on the mend! ~Rhonda