Monday, April 11, 2016

A Good Time Was Had By All

I was sitting by the window, watching birds and drinking hot tea, when the mischievous visitors showed up. They usually come in pairs--a Super-Squirrel and his cheerleader. 

After scaring off the finches and chickadees, the squirrel on the right scampered up the crepe myrtle. Which feeder would he choose--the suet or the black oil sunflower seeds? 

 He leaped toward the sunflower feeder.

So close yet so far away.

After a moment of problem solving, he flung himself onto the metal pole. Grasping it tightly, he gazed at the feeder with a mixture of love and determination.

He slid down the pole and balanced on the feeding tray.

The feeder wobbled.

Oopsy daisy.

Nope, not gonna give up, he says. I'm Super-Squirrel.

Using every bit of his strength, he pulled up. Oh, there's just nothing like the smell of sunflower seeds in the afternoon. 
He'd stand in line for this.
But all good things come to an end. The wind blew hard, so hard the squirrel thought the feeder had launched an attack. The copper tray tipped, and the squirrel lost his balance. 


Daunted but not damaged, the squirrel decided to try a less combative food source.

Encouraged by his buddy, Super-Squirrel scrabbled up the tree.

He watched the feeder, waiting to see if it was demonically possessed.

Nope, just full of luscious, seedy, melt-proof suet.

Ask any squirrel, and he'll tell you: the best dinner parties are where you have to eat upside-down. 

A good time was had by all.

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  1. Too funny! I gave up on bird feeders. The squirrels dominate our garden spaces. '-)

  2. So cute and funny! What great photos, too. You must have a good camera. I love squirrels and don't mind them getting into my bird feeders. I think there's enough to go around for all the little hungry critters!

  3. Poor thing, he was determined, hah.

  4. I know how funny they can be. I have a family of four living here that were born in our maple. I've come to love the little bandits. That is such a cute suet holder.

  5. Squirrels! They are determined little things, they keep digging up my new plantings, and they are eating my begonias! Plus they make a mess! Not a fan...

  6. I have been frustrated before when the squirrels ate all our bird seed but when a black bear was featured on the front page of the paper eating my neighbor's bird seed, I put my feeders away! lol We have a fence around a portion of our property now so I think I'll put them back out. I especially love the Cardinals and Finches. I love that you took the time to catch this little thief in action! Great camera work!
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  7. Oh they NEVER give up, trust me:):) There should be a picture of a squirrel next to the definition of determined, in the dictionary. LOL. Loved seeing your pics. Reminds me of the TONS of squirrels we had at the old house:)

  8. Love feeding the birds and I don't mind a bit when the squirrels come to get a nibble. It's such fun watching all the activity at the feeders.

  9. Very enjoyable post and pictures ! I for one am glad you let him feast - he certainly deserves a treat for that kind of determination !

  10. Thank you for the laughfter, so cute squirrels are really to much... Lovely Happy spring with love Janice

  11. So funny! I love animal stories. If I had to eat upside down, my acid reflux would tear through me. Hope super squirrel and his companion don't have to worry about that. I nearly bought a big pot of a sunflower plant yesterday at Home Depot. Figured I might as well go right to the source!

  12. Oh how funny. He sure was determined to get those sunflower seeds. Loved the story and seeing
    all the fun pictures. I have a couple of squirrels and they love to sit on the telephone wires and shake their tails at Waldo. He sure wishes he could catch them.


  13. I have some squirrels in my back yard that have started running around. The last couple of years we have had a war of sorts. They have dug in my flower pots off and on the last two summers. Do you know any tricks to keep them from using my flower pots? Animals can be funny...but my squirrels are little monsters. ha.

  14. I know many people despise squirrels, but I love them. When I first started feeding the birds, they would devour the bird feeders until baffles were put up, but I felt sorry for them and began to feed them too. There have been no problems since and they cause no problems for the birds. Living in NE Ohio, we have brown, gray and black squirrels. They actually have made a path from the closest tree to where they feed and always follow it if they come from that direction! Nature gives us such solace and watching the birds and squirrels brings joy especially in the dead of winter when it's so dreary.

  15. Your squirrel pics and story are so funny, Michael Lee. I had that same copper looking bird feeder, but I gave up on feeding the birds from feeders. The squirrels were too piggish in my little backyard! The trees that I have seem to still draw the birds with the berries that they provide.

  16. I am not a squirrel fan and I have tons of them.

  17. I'm not a fan of squirrels. They are such greedy creatures and will steal from every feeder in the neighborhood. Your photos show to what extents they will go for food. :)

  18. Great photos of the squirrel caper.You have to give the squirrels credit. They are persistent creatures and almost all of the time succeed in getting to the seeds.

    1. So true. I bought a "squirrel block," which resembles a giant suet cake but with corn. I set it on a low platform feeder, and the squirrels won't touch it. Either they haven't found it or they prefer a challenge. :-)