Thursday, April 7, 2016

Potting Shed Progress

Just a little pottering update. I added an old enamel-topped table. Eventually, I may move the table to the solid wall and add shelves--this idea was given to me by the owner of the most famous shed in the South, if not the world, Mary at Home Is Where the Boat Is. Thanks, Mary!. For now, I'm using old wooden crates.

The Pillow Ho becomes a Garden Ho, too. 

 I have a tall wicker basket for the tools, but I haven't brought it into the shed. I'm shopping the house for other items. Baskets for gloves, a low bookshelf for pots, and garden-themed items. I need to go by Tractor Farm Supply for some small galvanized tins, the kind with lids. The weather has been so windy, I've stayed close to home.

The lantanas are earmarked for the trellis beds. 

I'll set pots around the shed, too.


  1. Looks like the start to a fun little get-away. I think your little potting shed will become a place to putter and collect your thoughts as you beautify your garden. Have fun. Deb

  2. Love, love, LOVE! You will get so much use from this space, and have fun decorating, to boot!

  3. It's coming along beautifully. You'll have such a lovely oasis there when you've finished arranging it just as you want.

  4. I believe you have the most organized garden shed I've ever seen. Warning, don't let my husband inside - he'll have shovels all of the place in no time!

  5. It's looking cute! I like the little table- good start. You need some Wellies or rubber boots and a broom out there too! Seeing this is making me anxious to get out and play but I still can't with this ridiculous weather! Soon..soon…how long?….two weeks, two weeks!! LOL

    1. Wellies will be great out there! The broom has gone missing, but I have an idea who took it. ;-)

  6. This looks like your happy place! Love the garden hos

  7. Michael Lee, I'm envious of your fresh, clean slate in your shed! I'm planning some heavy duty spring cleaning for my shed next week after it gets a fresh wash of stain on the ozidized shingles. I love your beautiful blooming pot! I'm antsy for a trip to the garden center to load up the back of my car but Mother Nature has another cold snap and freezing temps heading our way for the weekend. I had to chuckle at "most famous shed in the South" :) It's extremely blustery here too with lake wind advisories today, I'm ready for spring! Have fun puttering and planning in your shed!

  8. Oh my! I'm experiencing a little pottering envy. It all looks like a fun project, and one that can be ongoing and ever evolving. No need to tell you to have fun. I can see that is already happening. '-)

  9. What fun it looks like you are having. Yay for you. Sheila

  10. I sure wish I had a potting shed, but it's not to be. Everything is coming along nicely and I can hardly wait to see your end results. A nice chair in thee would be perfect for looking at your gardening books.

    Have a great weekend.