Friday, May 20, 2016

Flowers Served Daily

Here in the mid-South, we've had a string of rainy days, cold and dark, reminiscent of the weather you'd see in early April. The downpour stopped for a minute, and I ran outside to pick a few flowers. 

When I'm outside, I will snip anything--weeds, ivy, bushes. You know how I love to decorate with weeds (whoever said they're a flower out of place had the right idea). Of course, flowers are the beauty queens of the botanical world, and while they may need coddling, they bring color and gaiety to a garden. Small bouquets are little jewels. Flowers also bring a connection to past gardens and people we've loved. If your mama or grandmama loved old fashioned roses, then part of them will live on if you plant a bush. 

Soon we'll have tomatoes. And that means fried green tomato-bacon-and lettuce sandwiches, all slathered with mayonnaise, served on thick slices of farm bread. Bacon jam is deliciously savory and deep, too. Here's the super easy recipe.

Earlier this year, I grew nasturtiums from seed, but I haven't seen nary a flower.

The oregano has taken over my container garden. I need to transplant it into small pots and give them to friends.

Daylilies are blooming, too. 

 In a few days, I'll be able to cut a few hydrangea blossoms. It's been a while since they've flowered in our zone. But this year, they're making a comeback. I asked a Master Gardener about this, and she said that if hydrangeas are pruned, they might not bloom for five years. Of course, the brutally cold winters have had an impact o
in our zone--and maybe in yours, too. 
But this year, everything is green and budding in our neck of the woods.

Oh, don't you just love a green-green world?

 Green and pink. And yellow, too. Mother Nature is the best designer.

 These sweet roses were a little battered by the rain, but they're even more beautiful.

 This weekend, our kale should be ready to pick and cook. Of course, I'll be weeding like crazy. 
But if it rains, you'll find me inside, planting zinnia seeds and repotting herbs.


  1. Super cute photos and I am so glad my hydrangeas are blooming this year, too. I figured they just took the year off last year. So many did not have blooms last year.

  2. LOVE your vignette! The pics are captivating~

  3. I've never had the pleasure of eating fried green tomatoes.The sandwich sure looks good though!

  4. Oh my word, the flowers are all so pretty.

  5. Such pretty flowers. Wish we could have some of your rain - ElNino forgot to stop by SO CA.

    Your vignette is so pretty and many thanks for the recipe.


  6. Great post, loved the pictures, and yes, green anything is so wonderful, nature at it's best. The best neutral color in the world, God sure does know what he is doing, doesn't he?

  7. Flowers make me happy, too. And, yours are all so pretty. Our hydrangeas are just about ready to burst into bloom, and the roses are blooming, too.

  8. So pretty... I just came in from planting some annuals- have to give the back a break! We haven't had rain in too long. We're enjoying 70+ degree sunny weather and loving it (after our long winter we need this)! Enjoy your weekend. :-)

  9. Very pretty flowers and great photos too! We drove to London Ky...about a 2 hour drive, and it rained the whole way going. Enough of this rain! Ha. Cool here today too. Sheila

  10. Your vignettes were great . Perfect green and where did you get the cafe sign. Love to have that. We are fans of fried green tomatoes here too. My mom's were
    delicious. gardenthymewithdiana

  11. Gorgeous flowers! Love fried green tomatoes also!


  12. Yup, it is raining here AGAIN too:( We had 2 beautiful days but now we are paying for that:) Your photos and flowers are just beautiful. I am hoping my hydrangeas will bloom this year!!

  13. I am in zone 7 and I did not have a single hydrangea bloom last year and most of our area didn't. People think it was the last freeze that did it. I have lots of blooms this year that are pretty and full and many small ones opening. I am so excited. It has been four years since things were normal. I had a very bad fungus and bug infestation.
    Wonder why your nasturtiums didn't bloom?
    Pretty styling. Love all your pics. Your sandwich looks fabulous.

  14. Love all that green! Your flowers and photography are beautiful. Our hydrangeas bloomed last year, but there weren't many blooms. How wonderful to be able to pick your own kale! I love kale and I've been thinking of trying to grow some.

  15. No hydrangeas for me either in B'ham, we took out the bushes and replaced them and the new ones have been covered in blooms for weeks! I LOVE your fried green tomato green farm vignette, adorable!