Sunday, May 22, 2016

Memorial Day on the Porch

After too many cold, rainy days, we were blessed with a warm, sunny afternoon, the air laced with birdsong. The screened porch looked so inviting, with a soft breeze stirring the curtains. Memorial Day is coming up--and more rain is in the forecast--why not celebrate now? 

Many times I've expressed my love for white dishes, but I'm quite fond of red accents. They add heat during the winter, romance on Valentine's Day, and festivity to patriotic holidays. Red, white, and blue are classic, at home in the farmhouse or a city balcony. 

I went outside to cut blossoms and branches from the yard--I was so happy to see pink hydrangeas. The magnolia was loaded with buds, too. I put them in a darling galvanized metal vase that my friend Mary at Home Is Where the Boat Is  gave me. I have enjoyed that vase so much this spring.

I stopped by the trellis garden and cut a few true blue delphiniums. I didn't have enough to fill a vase, so I added a few silk hydrangeas to Mason jars.

The white lanterns normally stay on the front porch, but I always forget about them. They're too lovely for that, so I brought them up to the screened porch. 

I mixed floral and white plates.

The beloved lobster claw salt and pepper shakers made an appearance. They always make me smile.

The cutlery box came from Kmart (several years ago).

White dinner plates -- Big Lots
Floral salad plates -- HomeGoods
Tablecloth -- Nicole Miller Home
Paisley napkins -- Nicole Miller Home
Napkin Rings -- Kim Seybert
Red checked napkins -- available everywhere, including Amazon
Red ramekins and flatware caddy -- KMart
Lanterns -- Home Depot


  1. Wow your tablescape is just gorgeous and perfect for Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Labor Day!! I love your pretty flowers, plates, tablecloth and napkins. You are all ready for a party. Enjoy the week and have a Happy Memorial Day.
    Julie xo

  2. How beautiful! I LOVE all those colors, the light of the pictures, the flowers.. well.. everything! You have such a great taste!


  3. Those floral plates are divine! Perfect for a holiday table.

  4. You have a great porch! And a gorgeous table setting! Sheila

  5. I was going to ask you where you got the lanterns so thanks for the sources. Love your table and I am hoping we don't get rained out next weekend:( Have a beautiful, SUNNY day!

  6. Oh my!!! Wow!!! So pretty! In Canada our colours are red and white, but (although this may not be very patriotic), I wish blue was in the mix! ;)

  7. Beautiful table - all the pretty red, whites and blues. Everything is perfect, so enjoy all your lovely items on the table. Hopefully Memorial Day will be nice also and your can repeat your tablescape again for your meal.

    Enjoy the week.

  8. Your tablescape a winner! Have a wonderful day.

  9. Festive and pretty at the same time. Let's all keep our fingers crossed for sunny skies.

  10. Adorable! Fingers crossed for good weather!

  11. I have serious porch envy right now!! I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

  12. How is it even possible that Memorial Day is upon us? I love white dishes, too, and I love patriotic tables! Gosh, what a fun table! Happy Memorial Day, Michael Lee!

  13. Oh I love your mix of red, white and blue with your soft watercolor floral plates and garden blooms! We had the same wet cool weather last week. I didn't mind the cooler temperatures as much but it's been down right soggy...three cheers for the red, white and blue and sun reappearing yesterday! I picked up your same tablecloth and napkins at HomeGoods a couple of weeks ago, great minds shop alike :) I hope your vase stays filled beautiful garden blooms. ♥

  14. Your table is really beautiful. I love all of the red white and blue!!!

  15. Very festive, love the flower plates mixed in-

  16. Gorgeous setting! What a delight! Love the unique pretty floral plates paired with your patriotic celebration! Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! ~Rhonda

  17. Love, love your beautiful porch!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  18. So beautiful! I love everything. Happy Memorial Day!...Christine

  19. This porch is spectacular! Talk about party on the porch! Love the lighting fixture, too! #amazememonday - Amy @

  20. Nice space and the table is fantastic!

  21. I'm in love with that hanging light fixture. Do you remember the source? Thanks.

    1. Gayle, it was there when we bought the house. But this chandelier looks identical:

  22. LOVE this, especially your tablecloth, so pretty with the light shinning through! again, jealous of my quiet little blue and green life, seeing color is making me crazy!