Monday, May 16, 2016

Mid-May in the Garden

 Day by day, the trellis garden is changing. The wisteria blossoms came and went, weeds sprouted, and roses bloomed.

The garden is wild at heart. No color schemes, no order, just a riot of blossoms.

The hanging baskets are starting to fill in.

  I'm back in love with the delphiniums. After deadheading the spent blossoms (and a serious pruning with scissors), they bounced back. I've been feeding them every Friday, and they receive a daily watering. Lots of fussing. But they're worth it.

The grocery-store lavender went into the trellis garden, too.

The peonies were flopping over, so I made a few bouquets, and they're still lovely.

Hope your week is off to a great start.

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  1. Your gardens are lovely! I'm sure it is interesting to find out what a variety there is! I also got the grocery store lavender...a couple of toparies. I love this time of year- but your bloom time is a little ahead of southern Indiana.

  2. Beautiful garden journal..I love your hanging baskets, blue and lavender colors.
    Enjoy your week in your garden.

  3. Love your varieties, Michael Lee - all different from my own. I still haven't purchased any container annuals - thinking, thinking.....meanwhile, I helped my sister plant some pass alongs I took to her. It's all good in the garden.

  4. Everything is beautiful! We have RAIN again! Had 12 straight days then a few clear days and the rain is back. UGH!

  5. Everything looks beautiful, Michael Lee! It must be exciting to get surprises of what's going to be popping up. The peonies look so dreamy in your silver pitcher. Happy gardening!

  6. Don't you think what is needed in the garden is a new puppy? It will make life complete.

  7. I'm cuckoo over peonies which I may have mentioned already. I have five plantings, but they haven't bloomed yet in Ohio. I spy foxgloves! Never planted them, but I love their look.

  8. What fun to see al these different plants come to life and bloom! Isn't it tempting to try cutting the rose bush down to the ground and see if it can start over and be healthy? I know they said to destroy it but gosh that would be hard for me to do. Have you ever heard of Neem Oil?

  9. Your flowers are stunning and so many pretty ones. Your basket look great. Everything has bloomed here and waiting for my roses and flowers to re-bloom.

    Enjoy your lovely gardens and thanks so much for all the beautiful pictures.


  10. Your gardens are absolutely gorgeous! You're way ahead of us here in northern IL...we just now passed our last frost date, so I can finally start planting in earnest. All I have out so far are some pansies. Have a great week!

  11. Oh so beautiful..those peonies on your screened in porch as wonderful!

  12. Beautiful gardens.......and that view from your porch begs for summer lemonade in the afternoon! :)