Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Finding Joy in the Potting Shed

The potting shed has a long and interesting history, dating back to 2013.  She began as an anniversary shed, a gift to my husband and myself, two intrepid gardeners with two different mindsets. I dreamed of a Country Living type space, and my husband envisioned something utilitarian, where grass seed was stored in twisted sacks and muddy tools could be hung on the wall. 

Neither plan fell into place. In 2015, life intervened, and we moved: the shed was moved, too, braving the journey from one hilltop house to another. While we adjusted to new surroundings, my husband filled the shed with weedkillers and wheelbarrows. I was glad he was using it at all.
All winter, I dreamed about that shed. The dreaming was almost a barometer of healing, a sign that I was returning to my old self, because surely our thoughts can become action. True, we'd had a string of harsh years, and I'd lost my place. My husband had been ill. Our younger child returned home. When my beloved Yorkies passed away, that was it. I just shut down. By April of 2016, I knocked cobwebs off the potting shed -- and off myself, too. I made a feeble attempt to nest. But I had  long, long way to go. My dear friend, Mary, at Home Is Where the Boat Is sent me a huge, magical goodie box, which gave me the inspiration I'd been looking for. But life kept throwing curve balls, and it took another five months before I could think about homemaking. In some ways, I had given up on the potting shed. Then, life calmed down, and I had a few minutes to putter around the yard. Two minutes turned into two hours. I remembered what I'd forgotten: happy moments won't fall into my lap. I have to make them happen. With a firm resolve, I carved out time to look for joy.
It was in my own backyard.

Since this is a his/her shed, I wanted to keep some of the garden equipment handy, though I moved all of the fertilizers and noxious things into the garage. They have their own spot, and my husband actually finds it more convenient to grab things. He likes it so much, he keeps it neat, which was a wonderful surprise.  Now that the icky weed killers and sharp trimmers were gone, the shed slowly came into her own.
Won't you come in and visit? 


Gladys, the neighborhood cat, keeps me company. 

The old cart had spent a brief tenure in the Underporch. 

Tools went into an old lard can. 



On my way to the shed, I pulled a stray vine. It looks much better in the shed than growing in the trellis garden.

For me, joy is found in nesting. I can't really explain it. But if you're here, and you're reading this, I have an idea that you totally understand.

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  1. O so glad that you dound yourself again.. Life gives us so many things but we have to jang on. And I know more than most its easier said than done. I fight with myself to many times. But boy when you said make your own, it touched my bell. It is true we have to make our own. Its why I have my garden. And I make my tea trays all the time. I dont have a hubby.. Its pretty much just me. Mamas gone and i have many lonely days. But Im learning to fill them with the things I love. Wish I had a shed. You did a lobely job. It looks lovely. Maybe you can set the table for tea and I will come by and visit.hehe .. Enjoy your shed my dear. Keep the spirit. Happy Fall with love Janice

  2. Pure joy; I do understand. Such a wonderful spot and the kitty is so cute.

  3. Your post gives me inspiration. Its a beautiful potting shed! After several difficult years I feel like I need to shake off that deep fog as well. I have many plans for house and garden, and for some fun time with the hubs. Thanks for many good ideas!

  4. Oh, for sure that potting shed would become my escape and you'd likely find me dragging an electric heater with me. No electricity? That's what extension cords are for! A book, some tea, that's where you'd find me! I love the low-lying sun pouring through the lattice. I'm hoping for a long Indian summer as I'm positive you are too!

    P.S. Beatrix Potter would surely have made up a story about the garden shed and Gladys the visitor!

  5. its so good to feel joy (giggly joy soon coming) again. Much love

  6. Totally understand. So does Mary. Hello, beautiful shed!

  7. What a beautiful post today! Life isn't always easy and things happen. You are right, we have to make our own way. Your potting shed is beautiful. I'm envious. I wish I had one! Happy Fall, and I hope that you are having a wonderful week!!!

  8. I've been you with a cloud over my head at one time and working to find what makes me feel good when so much other seems to be messed up. It's good to find your way through it all and allow yourself to find joy in things again. Love the potting shed- it's such an inspiring place to go to! I have a corner in the garage that's a pain to get to. Keep your pretty face smiling and looking up! XO, Liz

  9. Life is indeed a process! The length of time you needed to restore your soul and body was meant to be a process. We tend to think we're abnormal if we do not "just snap back"!

    I'm in process now and my restoration involves moving back to the Nashville area, after a foray to Greenville, SC. It took a divorce to have any hope of restoration. My beloved chocolate Lab Jack lifts my spirits daily, reminding me why dog is God spelled backward.

    Your books and website contribute greatly to my process, also. Thank you so very much for sharing your gifts! We loyal readers appreciate your humanity and we all thrive by virtue of sharing this journey.

  10. What a great space...and perfectly appointed! What a fun place to putter and play in the dirt. Playing outside in the fresh air is so restorative. And to be on your special hill...si magnifique! Sheila

  11. Oh my, you've got your very own playhouse! How clever of you to get your hubbys manly things into the more convenient garage! I am so happy you are "getting your grove back" :)

  12. What a thoughtful post and I so understand, I am so glad you found joy in your lovely potting shed that you have created! So inspiring...blessings, Pam @ Everyday Living

  13. I so understand your post. I am so glad that you found yourself in your beautiful shed.
    I go outside in my garden and have long talks to myself and that helps me a lot.

    Have a wonderful weekend in your shed and lovely gardens.


  14. I would definitely find great joy in that potting shed too....A beautiful place to escape and just enjoy the moments of your love for gardening.

  15. Potting Shed + Nesting = Joy! Your shed looks beautiful whether it's next your blooming butterfly bush or covered in a blanket of snow. I love seeing the dappled light slip through the lattice siding! The 'Pure Lard' can you found to house your shovels tickles me and is so appropriate for a Southern gardener to cook up a little repurposing fun too! Love seeing her come into her own...Keep Calm and Potting Shed On :)