Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Heart By Any Other Name

When I think about the heart, I tend to be scientific, worrying about plaque and hardened arteries. But when trouble strikes, I put a steadying hand on my chest. Indeed, the ancients believed this organ was the center of human emotion, and poets wasted no time weaving their magic.
"Accept the seasons of your heart, even as you have always accepted the seasons that pass over your fields."
--Khalil Gibran, The Prophet (1923)

A heart can be stolen, buried, blessed, and stomped flat. It can be courageous, cold, warm, chicken, tell-tale, or laid bare. Some are hard, made of stone, glass, or lead--and they have cockles. 

Cupid can shoot arrows into a heart, which is a violent, extreme way to get someone's attention. I mean, really. What does a naked, winged baby know about love?  

You can even give away its key (just make sure you can change the locks). 

"Above all else, guard your heart,
for everything you do flows from it."
--Proverbs 4:23

Poetry aside, some idioms aren't romantic: hearts can bleed, ache, leap into your mouth, or be eaten by jealousy.

And yet, I believe with all my heart that the poets were right. When I see something I love on Instagram, I reply with a ❤.
My whole history has been felt inside my chest. I have known love and lost it. I found my heart's desire, only to lose it, too. 
But I have also danced with the angels. 

"--O remember
In your narrowing dark hours
That more things move
Than blood in the heart."
--Louise Bogan, "Night," from The Blue Estuaries (1968)

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  1. Well put! Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day. xx

  2. Ah, the heart. I believe we should lend much more credence to our hearts rather than our heads! Cute tablescape and sweet nostalgic valentines! And I think you ran the gamut of ALL the affairs of the heart! Great post.

  3. Excellent post, ML. You certainly "got to the heart" of the topic. Happy Heart Day!

  4. Beautiful post and photos Michael Lee, happy Valentine's Day!

  5. A beautiful post.

  6. Lovely display.
    Happy St. Valentine's Day

  7. Happy Valentine's Day, ML!!

    Hope it is fabulous!

    Your pics are wonderful eye candy, so good and zero calories! : - )

  8. Great collection of thoughts of the heart. ♥

  9. I love that you always write from the heart, Michael. I caught up with you and your beautiful home after being gone so long. I'm so happy to see that you're doing well :)
    Happy Valentine's Day, my dear friend and much love,

  10. My hubs got my truffles from See's and I fixed a small meal tonight..I was surprised as he has been quite ill with pneumonia and healing but coughing and not feeling too well, I always get him tons of chocolate covered cherries he adores I got 4 boxes at a place I rarely shop I saw them and bought all 4 boxes as he adores them and a dozen Almond Joy candy bars he also adores..One has to spoil those we adore..Your blog is so beautiful hoping you had a wonderful Valentine's day..

  11. Michael,
    Wonderful way with words and images to remind me of all the heart can be.


  12. Well said! Happy belated Valentines Day!

  13. Beautiful post!
    Hope your Valentine's Day was very HAPPY!

  14. I love your heartfelt post! What a wonderful collection of vintage and red goodies with the checks, stripes, polka dots and vintage Valentines! Hope your day was extra sweet. ♥

  15. Oh this is the sweetest post!! Hope you had a wonderful ❤️Day!!

  16. Beautifully stated, Michael Lee, and oh so true! ❤️

  17. Beautiful and charming. What gorgeous photos!