Thursday, March 23, 2017

Foodie Friday and Everything Else

Our work shines when we engage in activities that we truly enjoy. The project seems effortless, infused with magic--and it's contagious. This joy is transferred to our readers.  The opposite happens when we're facing deadlines or if we're plodding along cheerlessly, forcing ourselves to complete a project. Smart readers pick up on that negativity.
We do our best work when enthusiasm and talent collide. But how can we maintain the State of Enchantment?

You'll find the answer when you visit this week's 
F E A T U R E D   B L O G G E R
My photo
I'm so pleased to introduce 
 R U E
author of the magnificent, irreplaceable
 An Old Fashioned World.

Readers from all over the world flock to Rue's blog, eagerly anticipating her posts. Her writing is beautiful, engaging, and magnetic, adding depth and layers to her exquisite photos.
Blogging since 2008, Rue could write a book on the twists and turns of this media (I wish she would). To Rue, blogging is about the human-to-human connection. No matter if she's weaving a tale about Bubba or vintage coffee percolators, she infuses the page with magic. This is a gift, one that cannot be imitated. She was born with it. This rare talent is a blessing and inspiration to us all.

Rue isn't one to offer advice or how-tos, but I asked her if she'd share her blogging philosophy:

"My advice to modern bloggers, aside from being themselves and showing their personalities, is to get personal with their readers. By personal, I mean... get to know them. Answer their comments, if you don't already. And if you already do that, visit a few of their blogs once in a while. I'm not saying that you have to go to each and every single blog and comment, but put yourself out there and be human. In other words, be friendly and treat them like friends, which they are. They will respond in kind. And besides, who doesn't need more friends?"
-- Rue,  An Old Fashioned World
Read more at Be You.

Rue lives in an Arizona cottage with her family and pets, writing charming (and addictive) stories--but she never sidesteps hard issues. And she does both with grace.

In a time when people come and go, Rue and I have been friends for over a decade, drawn by our mutual appreciation of dogs, old homes, cooking, and decorating. This multi-talented woman has renovated historic homes with care, mindful of period details, never yielding to trends. She is steadfast with her friends, too. She is one of the last, true voices.

If you haven't discovered Rue, you can find her at An Old Fashioned World.

This week's features include:

 C O O K I N G
From left: Ancho Shredded Beef and Guacamole Sliders by The Black Peppercorn;  Shrimp and Asparagus Stir-fry with Lemon Sauce by Home Cooking Memories.

From left: Surprise Easter Bunny Cake by All That's Jaz;  Easy Maraschino Cherry Pie by Cincy Shopper.

From Left: Marshmallow Flower Cupcake Tutorial by Rosemary and Thyme; Lemon Poppyseed Cake with Strawberry Buttercream Icing by Tinselbox; Pink Velvet Cake Pops by Sugar, Spice, and Family Life.

From left: Blue Elderflower Martini by Grey Is the New Black; Cranberry-Lime Spritzer by My Suburban Kitchen.

In Praise of Stock by Organic Garden Dreams

D I Y  🔨  I N S P I R A T I O N
From left: Springtime Tiered Galvanized Tray by Of Faeries and Fauna; Distressed Bench by Petticoat JUNKtion.

I N T E R I O R   D E S I G N
Little Girl's Beroom Reveal by Sandy A La Mode

Colorful Stripes for Women by Cute and Little.

L I V I N G   W I T H   D O G S
The Story of Sadie Mercedes by Hyacinths for the Soul.

From left: Breakfast at Tiffany's Themed Bridal Shower by Panoply; A Wedding Dinner by Fabby's Living.

O R G A N I Z A T I O N  
Camera Equipment Drawer by My Life from Home.

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  1. Thanks so much for all the links and features. Hope you're enjoying some spring weather on the hilltop!

  2. thanks for hosting, have a great weekend!

  3. I'm thrilled to meet this "new to me" blogger. Where have I been?
    I going to pop right over and meet this girl. Thank you!
    Thanks, too, for the feature on our sweet Sadie Mercedes. Woof, Woof!
    Hope you are feeling somewhat better. Happy Spring, dear friend!

  4. I love getting to meet bloggers through your new feature series Michael Lee, you are an amazing hostess!

  5. Dear sweet Michael,

    As I wrote in my email to you, I'm speechless and I'm still struggling to find the words to thank you. But I'll try...

    I have never in my life had anyone say such beautiful things about me. You made me cry. I'm beyond flattered. I can only hope to live up to your view of me.

    Ugh... I'm still doing that hand waving thing in my face lol Sorry, but it's true!


    Seriously, thank you. Thank you for your words, for sticking by me all these years, for your advice and most of all your friendship. I truly treasure you and you will always be my "Gollum" ;)

    Love you always,

  6. We are so blessed to be bloggers. I love meeting new bloggers. Your features this week are amazing. Thank you for hosting this wonderful party.

  7. Michael Lee, a humble thanks for being featured among these other bloggers today. I have never met Rue, but I think I'm going to be making a great, new acquaintance very soon. It's the genuine spirit like hers to which I'm most drawn in bloggers I follow and enjoy the opportunity of becoming friends with, too. Thanks for being of that same spirit, and also being our wing-person to others by hosting this great party. Have a nice weekend. I think we're finally turning the corner for spring to stay now.
    Rita C at Panoply

  8. Thanks so much for the introduction, I will go visit Rue tonight! Thanks for your wonderful party as well. Hope you are getting some good Spring weather! Happy Spring!!!!!

  9. Thanks for the party Michael Lee! Have a good weekend!

  10. Great features again and I loved reading about this week's featured blogger. What a great philosophy she has about blogging. Thanks for hosting and enjoy your weekend!

  11. Thank you for your work on the blog party... I sure appreciate it. I hope you have a great week. :)

  12. I just read Rue's post today on Be You, and oh, how true her words are. She's a real inspiration, and so are YOU, Michael Lee. I guess that's why I can't think about giving up blogging, because of the connection I have with my friends. I know I've told you this before, but I LOVE your format for your party. Thanks so much for taking the time to showcase so much talent out there, and for making people feel special and that they matter. ❤️

  13. Isn't Rue just drop dead gorgeous? Those eyes! Like an old fashioned movie star! :)

  14. Oops, I was so focused on beautiful Rue, I forgot to thank you for featuring my Surprise Easter cake! So, thank you so very much! It really is an honor! :)

  15. That Slow-Cooker Zuppa Toscana looks delicious! Thanks for a great party.

  16. Dropping off my Easter Surprise Cupcakes. Thanks for hosting!

  17. Thank you for featuring my lemon poppy seed cake this week!

  18. Oh my word! I'm just seeing now that you featured my cherry pie recipe! Thank you!!!

  19. Thank you for sharing Rue's blog, loving it. When I first saw her photo I had to do a double take. She looks so much like Vivian Leigh, the lead actress in Gone With The Wind. Such a beautiful woman, Vivian Leigh and Rue. Rue is without question an inspirational blogger as are you. Thank You, Carolyn

  20. Thank you for the party ~ I enjoyed visiting Rue ;)

  21. Thank you for featuring Rue. A true talent, I adore her writing as well as her heart. We share a love of vintage, and it's always inspiring to visit her blog.

  22. It's lovely to 'meet' Rue and I look forward to visiting An Old Fashioned World later today (I'm off to the dentist this morning). Thank you so much for hosting, Michael. I've shared my Spiced Banana Nut Loaf today. Have a lovely weekend!

  23. Thank you for featuring my cocktail and for Rue! I love her!

  24. What a beautiful blog feature! Thanks for sharing about Rue.

  25. I came over to read about my sweet friend, Rue and decided to join the party! Happy spring! :)

  26. I look forward to "meeting" Rue! The first photo of the beautiful salad is one of my favorites. I need to make that again soon, maybe for Mother's Day.

  27. Hello...I have been blogging since 2008 but being a working woman I could not give it my all and get out and find bloggers that I enjoyed to read. I found Rue a couple of weeks ago. Love her blog, love her home. That was a great post about her. Now....I found you. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Hi Michael, thank you so much for featuring my blog post about being in love with stock from last week, I was really thrilled! This week I am offering a calla lily arrangement and I hope you and your readers like it as well.
    I have not come across Rue and her blog, but judging from your writing she is extraordinary, so thanks for directing my awareness to her. I will hop over and take a look.
    Wishing you a wonderful week of spring!
    Warm regards,

  29. Nice to see Rue featured here this week! Thanks for the party, Michael Lee and have a great weekend.

  30. I love Rue and her blog - have been one of her friends/followers for quite awhile now! That was so sweet of you to feature her.

  31. I am a follower of Rue's blog as well and I love her writing and her authenticity. Your feature of Rue is lovely and I enjoyed reading it!

  32. Nice to see the feature on Rue. She's a smart cookie and engaging writer. Love her blog, and I'm happy to call her my friend.

  33. Hello Michael, I have been following Rue since 2015, she was one of the first to comment on a blog post I did and made me feel very welcome in blogland! Your feature on her is wonderful :)

  34. I was lucky enough to find Rue a while back and follow her. Every word you wrote rings true. She is a special soul-a star among bloggers because she is "real" and authentic in every word she writes. Thank you for doing a post about her. I hope others find her now, too. xo Diana

  35. Good morning Michael Lee, I discovered Rue's blog a little while ago and I am now a regular visitor. I always enjoy my visits.
    Today I have added my English Tea bread. It is an older post, but I felt your readers would enjoy this recipe.
    Have a lovely weekend. Here in England we are enjoying the most gloriously sunny day.... such a treat.
    Best Wishes

  36. Thanks for featuring my white farmhouse bench. Have a great weekend!

  37. Thank you for the wonderful party! I appreciate you working so hard to share other bloggers content. I would love you to visit #WonderfulWednesday or #ThursdayFavoriteThings so I can return the favor! Have a great week.

  38. How wonderful to read your tribute to Rue, Michael! She's a wonderful blogger and I love her style and all she shares about her life.