Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Walk Around the Yard

Rain is on the way, but we have time for a quick walk around the yard.  
Moving to the end of the porch, we step into a green maze. The ivy has just gone crazy this year.

At the end of the steps, I've started working on an annual bed. Last year, my zinnias didn't thrive, so I decided to try petunias. 

The trellis beds were a weedy mess, but I was happy to be gardening.


I had a late start this year in the yard, and wildness is everywhere. I wonder if I should feed the daylilies. Do you feed yours?

On our way back to the porch, we'll pick some ivy.

Inside and outside, I've been doing a little pre-summer fluffling.
But everyone's favorite place is the porch.

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  1. Beautiful post, always enjoy it when bloggers share their garden. And those sunsets, incredible.


  2. Beautiful, I enjoyed my walk! The petunias are thriving as well as the ivy! Thamks,for sharing your gorgeous outdoor space!!

  3. Thanks for the lovely garden walk. Everything looks like it is thriving. The vistas from your porch are gorgeous. I could sit and take in the view for hours on end. I trust you are feeling better to out working in the garden. Enjoy!

  4. Oh so pretty, I love your garden and that view and sunset is stunning.

  5. Loved your garden walk this morning. We are going on a neighborhood garden tour today to gather inspiration for our new home. Can't wait to get my hands in the dirt again. :)

  6. Enjoyed my walk around your garden, so many beautiful flowers. The view is stunning and WOW the sunset... Enjoy your garden.


  7. That porch! I do believe it would be my favorite too. That would be like sitting on the perch of heaven's gates, or so it seems. I've gotten a late start too, Michael Lee, but nurturing some seeds and still holding out on container choices (maybe subconsciously hoping for better deals after Mem Day). I have never fed daylilies.

  8. I think the porch would be my favorite place, too! That view goes on forever!

  9. I love your view! So lovely. The stroll was fun through your garden. Your petunias and ivy look very healthy as does your delphiniums.

  10. With that view the porch would be my favorite place too. I love all your blue/purple flowers! So pretty. Have a beautiful week!