Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wheaten Scotties

When it comes to Scotties, most people imagine a fiesty, short-legged terrier with quizzical eyebrows, a distinctive jaw, and a black coat. Actually, they come in three colors: black, wheaten, and brindle. The advertising industry quickly saw the alluring power of this adorable breed, often depicting a black and white duo on tea towels, whiskey bottles, shortbread boxes, and salt-and-pepper shakers. The white dog on the Black and White blended whiskey bottle is a West Highland Terrier, but the white Scottie myth endured. All-white coats are non-existent in Scotties (though a closely clipped wheaten may appear white). To complicate matters, a third coat color exists, brindle, a sort of grizzled black/brown, sometimes laced with silver hairs; but today, I'm taking a closer look at Scotties with light coats. 

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Photo: An irresistible16 week old wheaten Scottish Terrier.

The term "Wheaten" describes a Scottish Terrier's coat color. Fanciers will quickly point out that a wheaten Scottie is not a separate breed and should not be confused with Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers.  The  Scottie wheaten coat reminds me of creamy vanilla bean ice cream, though some experts say the coat has a faint lemon tinge, but in truth, the color can range from white/off-white to light tan, sometimes shot through with cinnamon. I'd wondered if wheatens and blacks possessed different personalities, but no matter the color, the breed standard holds true. A Scottie is a Scottie, no matter the coat color.

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Photo: Rose, an 18-month old wheaten, owned and bred by Ginger McAffee (in the early 1990s, she bred my first two Scotties, Scout and Scarlett).

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Rose has quite a fan club. When I met her at an AKC show, her personality reminded me so much of my beloved Yorkie, Mister. Rose barked softly to herself, almost a whisper, as if speaking under her breath, perhaps sizing up the other dogs. If only I could speak fluent Scottie.
                      1rsatfranklindogshow 145 (2)CROPPED

The minute she steps into the ring, she's in her element, charming the judges. She's equally at home in someone's loving arms.
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I hope to learn much more about Scotties! You never day, a wheaten may join our pack.

In less than two weeks, we'll bring home our licorice-black puppy.
Counting the days!
Photo: 7 week old Scottie puppy in the "frog legs" position.


  1. Adorable. Our miniature schnauzer used to lay in that frog-leg position too. Cannot wait to see you bring home your fur baby, and see what you name you give him.

  2. A Great job in discussing the colors in Scotties.

    1. Ginger, I LOVED showing off Rose today. She is too cute for words.

  3. I didn't know about your love of dogs! Many long years ago I showed Sealyham Terriers, which were often paired up with a Scottie for a black and white image! Alas we don't have a dog these days, just too much traveling in our schedules. My last dog was a Welsh Terrier, so I always enjoy any terrier, but particularly those that sport a little beard!

  4. Our Wheaton Scottie, is white with a slight buttercream patch on her back. We got Miss Ginny from the Scottish Terrior Rescue of Tennessee (thanks Ginger). She had been abandoned on a golf course in another part of the state. Let me tell you, she is the best dog! Now, she loves to "play golf" with my husband at least 4 days a week by riding in his golf cart. If she stays home, everyone ants to know where Ginny is!

  5. Such a cute post. I can't wait to see your new addition!

  6. I am sure you can't wait for your new arrival! The Wheaten is beautiful also! She rather has the same look as our wire except for the coloring. Terriers have such an irresistible personality. I love them!!

  7. I am sure that you are getting excited about getting your doggie. I would be so excited that I wouldn't be able to sit still.

    Looking forward to meeting your new addition, he will be coming into a wonderful loving home.


  8. Oh I am in love with the Wheaton!! I have always wanted a Westin, no a Scottie, no a Westie... but not ready to commit to a dog just yet. Your new puppy looks adorable!

  9. I know you're anxiously waiting to bring your pup home! My BFF and her family has had four Westies over the years. Such fierce, lovable and protective dogs. Gracie still lays on the hardwood floor in the frog leg position when she's trying to cool off.

  10. Your puppy looks so cute. I remember when we got our dog. It seemed like such a long wait to get her but it was worth it. They add so much love and enjoyment to life. Enjoy your new puppy! Sharon B.

  11. My favorite local winery has three Wheaten Terriers all with their own distinct personalities. One's named Maggie Mayhem and you can guess why! You're going to have to use extreme restraint not to kiss the face right off your little fella when you finally bring him home! Rose is a beauty and that was a very informative post. I caught your reply a few posts ago about the butterfly bushes having grown so tall and I, too, believe that it's a dear sign from your all your beloved pets as they know the joy that it brings to your life.

  12. I did not know this about their colors! I've really enjoyed all of your dog posts.

    My dog Maggie is a Morkie(part Yorkie & part Maltese)...I doubt the AKC recognizes Morkies as a breed yet but I don't follow that too closely. My Maggie's parents are both AKC registered in their breed so she's truly half & half. My daughter-in-law has a Yorkie from the same breeder & I so love my Morkie's personality more. She has enough spunk from the Yorkie side to be loads of fun but has more sweetness than a typical Yorkie because of the Maltese.

    I too can't wait for you to bring your puppy home. My Maggie was a gift to me from my husband after to some hard big changes in our lives. There is nothing like the love of a fun puppy to help you through hard things.

  13. Hi Michael Lee! Oh, I'm so excited for you to get your new little fuzzy face! Hope all is well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)