Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Beginner's Guide to Joyful Living -- Day 18

What if joy was a rare event, occurring only once a year? Not only would we look forward to that day, we would also worry that something might steal it. What if a catastrophe ruined our special day? What if we fell off a mountain or a mountain fell on us? We might string up imaginary barbed wire, hoping to snag trouble before it had a chance to creep up and steal our joy. The problem is, we could get tangled in our self-protection and sabotage that one, magical day.

It's impossible to fill your cup with joy if it's already overflowing with worry or regret. 

A positive outlook can change our lives.
Positive thoughts have the power to rewire the brain.

In 1856, a newspaper in Colchester, England wrote about the potent force of our thoughts. Years later, in 1872, an Iowa newspaper reworked the idea a bit.

"Plant a thought and reap a word.
Plant a word and reap an action.
Plant an action and reap a habit.
Plant a habit and reap a character.
Plant a character and reap a destiny."
                                                        --Bishop Beckwaith (credited)

Today I will take one thought and put it into action--an action that may change my life.


  1. Several years ago I created a scrapbook of things I like - decor things - paint colors, chairs, flowers, accessories, ambience, sinks, styles... I haven't pasted anything inside in quite some time but took it down a few days ago and thumbed through it. Lo and behold... without realizing it the home I've created over the past few years can be found in that scrapbook... oh, not exactly... but things like the gently used leather chairs I found on Craigslist look just like the one I cut out of a magazine ad. The gallery wall, the pottery, the textures and hues - they're magically in this home now because I subconsciously (or consciously) converted my dreams to reality ... Now that I know this action works for my home I feel compelled to create a "scrapbook" identifying the personal qualities I'd like for myself or as a gift from myself to others. My thoughts might or might not be the direction your post was meant to lead me but it prompted powerful thoughts in my head, Michael...many thanks...

  2. Living from the inside out - taking the thought and acting on it. Beautifully said. Here's something else I've learned: Never judge your future by the present. Nobody can see the right angles in the road ahead that can take your life in a completely different direction.

  3. I've learned that not only is it important to live with positive thoughts, it's equally as important to choose to be with others who approach life with a positive outlook. I once found myself working in a situation where I felt as if I was drowning in a stagnant pool. I made the decision to leave. It was one of the best decisions of my career.

  4. I loved this post....and so loved the poetic thoughts by Bishop Beckwaith ... truly thought provoking...and I look forward to you sharing what you will be acting on that may change your life.