Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Christmas Notebook

 I'm way behind on decking the halls. Tyler and I couldn't agree how to hang the live garlands on the windows, so we looked at last year's photos. We decided to wire two garlands together for a fuller look, then we set up the tree. 
So far, that's our progress. We "only" have 2-1/2 trees to go.
I pulled up more photos to see what worked last year--and what didn't. The staircase garland was lovely, but it covered the rail, presenting a problem for our household. I'll need to find a safer way to hang it.

The tall mirror found its way to the man cave, and I'll miss it.

The tree went into the same alcove. I'm in the process of sorting ornaments, figuring out what goes where.

Even the little hutch may see some changes. 

The blue chest and painting were moved to the living room. An old farm table (it's featured in the staircase photo) took its place, and I'll add greenery here and there.

I haven't begun to work on the breakfast room, mainly because we're installing curtain rods. (I found Belgian linen curtains at HomeGoods, and I think they'll add softness to the windows--without blocking the view.)

 I remember how the live greenery flew everywhere when I removed it. It's tempting to not even decorate this area, but I'm sure I'll break down. How can I resist the allure of fresh cedar and pine? I won't even try!

The old K-Mart tree is always a favorite. My mother recently told me that many K-Marts will be closing in February. Oh, no! I'll miss the adorable and affordable woodland ornaments.

I'll make a trip to Big Lots, too. I found cute woodland items there last year, along with gorgeous, inexpensive satin ribbon.

I'm thinking about holiday menus, too.

Last year, I had a tiny potted tree on the screened porch, and the wind  kept knocking it over. This Christmas, I'm using the ornaments elsewhere and keeping the tree inside--but I'm adding dog ornaments. 
Scotties and Westies, of course!

Hope you're enjoying your week.
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  1. Oh i love all of your Christmas decor now and past, always so pretty.

  2. A true Christmas wonderland. I could spend hours, just spotting something I missed the first time through. You are such an inspiration, thank you for sharing this beautiful home.


  3. Your home is beautiful. I love the trees and all the greenery. Bless you for loving Kmart. My mom worked there for many years and retired. I still have her name tag from that time. I hate that so many stores are closing, even Sears. Not all of lives' changes are welcomed. Blessings to you and your loved ones, xoxo, Susie

  4. Just lovely!! Inspiring too. I better get to work!

  5. Everything looks so festive! I love your home all year round but especially at Christmas!

  6. Such lovely, fresh taste. Love it!

  7. For the staircase garland, try attaching it in swags-- that will leave most of the railing free to hold on to.

  8. Oh my gosh, I love your house and everything you do!!!! You gave me more ideas. I love the little blue jay appearing to peck at the red ball...Thank you for sharing!

  9. I so love Christmastime at Rattlebridge Farm!!!

  10. Love the garlands- very festive! The trees are fabulous - I like the accents you’ve put by them too!

  11. Everything looks wonderful and love all your decorations. I really like all your garlands and I am sure they smell really good.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  12. Oh wow!! Your house looks so lovely all decorated for Christmas. I love it ALL!!!!