Paint Colors

 A Scrapbook of White and Off-White Paint Colors

Previous Project: 1990s Georgian
A Scrapbook of White and Off-White Paint Colors

Paint Color Sleuthing
Paint Color Sleuthing

1990s Georgian House Paint Colors

Exterior Colors
Bricks: SW Tennessee Limestone (Duration)
Trim: SW Shoji White
Shutters: SW Griffin (Timberlane)

Dining Room
Walls and trim: SW Creamy (satin)
  A warm off-white that photographs much, much warmer than IRL.

Great Room
Walls: Wind's Breath (eggshell)
Trim: BM Simply White (satin)
Note: A griege
BM Simply White (satin)
Note: A clean white that works well with marble. It's a safe bet if you're worried about undertones.


Master Bathroom
The walls are BM Ballet White (25% darker). The ceiling is BM Ballet
White (25% lighter). Trim is BM Simply White.

Note: A color with depth, one that changes with the light, ranging from beige to gray.

Two Small Bedrooms--Painted the same color but in different finishes.
Walls: BM White Dove (eggshell)
Trim: BM White Dove (satin)
Ceiling: BM White Dove (flat)

Love the slightly gray cast. In fact, I love everything about White Dove.

 Current Project: Hilltop Ranch House 2015

Exterior Trim: BM White Dove (exterior finish recommended by my painter)

Walls: BM White Dove, eggshell
Trim and Ceiling: BM Simply White, semi gloss

Kitchen and Breakfast Room
BM Simply White
Walls: Satin
Trim and Ceiling: Semi gloss

BM White Dove -- Walls
BM Simply White -- Trim


  1. You have a great ability to choose the perfect paint colors!

    1. You are TOO kind. Over the years, I've had so many regrets with paint, but not with Simply White and White Dove.

  2. Hi, I finally decided on painting my living room, dining room and hallway in White Dove. I have high ceilings and my windows are Cedar wood, I have a lot of Walnut and dark furniture with cream and light blue upholstery. Not sure if that matters but I’m wondering what colour and finish do I paint the ceilings and trim?
    Thank you